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Vadae affiliates frequently asked questions (faq)

Affiliate FAQ's

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If you apply to the Vadae Affiliate Program do you automatically get accepted?  
After applying to the Vadae Affiliate Program we will review your information, website, and/or blog site. At that time we will determine if you and your site match our guidelines and criteria for acceptance into the program. We typically review applications as soon as they are submitted, but in some situations it could take up to several days for the review process to be completed. After review, we will contact you via email letting you know if you have been accepted or denied. Three to five days is the average time for the process to be completed.
What are the guidelines or criteria for acceptance into the Vadae Affiliate Program?  
The customary requirements are as follows: either an official website which you maintain with engaging content related to beauty and fashion, or an active Beauty Blog, Facebook Fan Page, or an active YouTube Channel. It is best if you already have an established following of customers or fans who can be directed to or, but inspiring beauty bloggers are also welcomed into the program.
My application into the program was denied. Why?  
Your application may be denied for a number of reasons. The content on your website or sites may not be related to beauty and fashion, or your website pointed to a bad link and we could not access it. Your site may be under construction or contains content irrelevant to Vadae's focus. Other websites which are not valid are personal Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages. NOTE: Acceptance or denial is at the sole discretion of the Vadae Affiliate Program Coordinator and his or her staff members.
I do not have a SSN or a Tax ID number. Am I still eligible to apply? Is my information Safe?  
Only United States citizens and permanent residents of the United States are required to provide a Federal Tax ID number (EIN) or Social Security Number (SSN). All other applicants can enter "000" when filling out the application form. For tax purposes Vadae is required to report any earnings over a certain amount to the IRS for all US Citizens. Note: Entering your EIN or SSN on our website is safe and secure. It is encrypted when transferred utilizing our Secure SSL Certificate.
As an affiliate, am I eligible to receive free or complimentary products?  
From time to time certain affiliates may receive both an invitation and/or gift(s). This is solely up to the Vadae Affiliate Program Coordinator and his or her staff. Other situations where products may be received may include blog features and reviews, initial product releases, and contests. Currently we do not offer ongoing complimentary or free products to our affiliates.
What is Vadae's procedure for paying commissions to it's affiliates?  
Payments to affiliates are calculated and sent out on a monthly basis to the affiliate's PayPal account on file, which is your Paypal email address that accepts payments. You are required to choose your payment method at the time you fill out the application form, either Paypal or Gift Certificate. If for some reason you cannot establish a PayPal account, you will receive a Vadae gift certificate for the amount totaling your months commission. Gift certificates will be sent out via email. Other compensation may include bonuses and reward programs which are either ongoing or for specific time periods. Note: You can always update your payment method in your affiliate account manager.
As an affiliate, can I use my ID or link to buy products for myself?  
Under the Vadae Affiliate Programs Terms and Conditions agreement you are not allowed to order products with your unique affiliate link and ID. Attempting to game our system and receive discounted products including commissions is frowned upon. We watch our affiliate accounts closely. This type of activity may result in termination of your affiliate account.